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We have been offering ICT training for the past 5 years to University students and other institutions at all levels, this year we are having the same program due to the fact that we have identified ICT as a dynamic and fast growing industry, hence, there is always need for IT professional to be very well versed with latest technologies.

Applications forms can be obtained from Our Training Centre OR Downloaded here. Electronic application can also be done by registering through the form below. Students who have passed through our hands have never been the same again and have spoken well of our training

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Note: Applicants are requested to complete the process of application at our Training Centre for first hand Considerations. Any Wrongful or Conflicting Information will lead to termination of your application.

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At BCC, We offer PRACTICAL computer training to all categories of people and institutions right from primary seven to any other higher level of education. You can download our Application Form from here.
You can also apply ONLINE now. Visit here and apply. Application is FREE!. Our short courses are as below:-

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