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Due to close working relationships developed with suppliers and the ability to purchase in bulk, goods can be procured at a discounted rate. Products range from ink cartridges to refilling toner and from USB sticks to large volume back-up Hard disks.

A speedy delivery service is also included free of charge.

ICT Equipment

We offer consultancy service, providing you with bespoke advice and recommendations appropriate to your institution, taking into account factors such as business need, suitability and budget. The unrivaled relationships we have with an array of key suppliers means that we can negotiate and purchase on your behalf, gaining competitive discounts for you.

We have capacity to procure and supply the best quality Monitors, Keyboards, Mouse, CPU (Microprocessor), Power Supply Units, Optical Disc Drive, Motherboards, Ram / Memory (DDR, SDHC, Etc) , Storage Disks & Drives, Computer Cases, Video& Sound Cards, Printer And Scanners


Licensing can be daunting; knowing what licenses you need, whether they are perpetual or annual; what the upgrade options are; there are lots of questions to be answered.

Our procurement team have years of experience in dealing with software licensing queries from Microsoft Office to Anti-virus to specialist software; they can help ensure you get the right software and are appropriately licensed.

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