Banda Computer Centre (BCC)

Banda Computer Centre (BCC) is an Information Communication Technology (ICT) firm, based in East Africa (Uganda). We focus on Development, Deployment and Distribution of ICT Services and products that are tailor made to suit modern needs.

ICT Services

CCTV Camera Installations

We offer CCTV Camera service installations to boost surveillance at your office or home. we offer modern technology cameras that broadcast live feeds on your mobile ...   Read More ...  

ICT Procurement and Purchasing


Due to close working relationships developed with suppliers and the ability to purchase in bulk, goods can be procured at ...   Read More ...  

Online Support Services

With organisations and businesses becoming more and more centralised around ICT, and devices becoming increasingly mobile and vulnerable to incidental damage, the ...   Read More ...  

Internet and Network Installation

Our Specialist networking engineers can design, install, support and maintain a network to your exacting requirements. From a Windows based network to a specialist ...   Read More ...  


To every project, we bring a combination of industry knowledge, unique company culture and some of the best technical talent in the world. Our clients business outcome ...   Read More ...  


Every institutions or Company wishing to progress faster through its transactions or records keeping, needs to implement atleast one electronic database frameworks ...   Read More ...  

Training Programs

Computer Repair and Maintenance (A+)

This Deals with learning how to fix and upgrading both hardware and software of computer systems i.e Laptops and Desktops. Someone with Degree, Diploma or a Certifica ...   Read More ...  

Web Application Development and SQL

This Deals with designing interactive web bases systems in languages of HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, JAVASCRIPT as well as learning how to use Wordpress to design websites.Someone ...   Read More ...  

Website Development and Management

In Website Development and Management you learn how to design/Develop and maintain all kinds of websites. in languages of HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, JAVASCRIPT as well ...   Read More ...  

Professional Networking

In Professional Networking you will be able to get knowledge of how to design Manage All kinds of networks and Network Devices. Someone with Degree, Diploma in or ...   Read More ...  

Database Management (Oracle)

With Database management you will be able to get knowledge of designing and working with different Database Management Systems like MS Access, Oracle.
Everyone ...   Read More ...  


With Computer Graphics you will be able to get knowledge of designing and Editing alot of Graphical work using Programs like MS Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe ...   Read More ...  

Branding Services

Large format Printing

We offer a wide range of serives like Large format pritning on Stickers, banners, pullup banners, teardrop banners, one-way vision material..... We also brand other ...   Read More ...  

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